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What kinds of damage can a thunderstorm cause?

A thunderstorm is an atmospheric disturbance that involves lightning and thunder. It may be accompanied by torrential rain, hail or high winds. A severe thunderstorm can cause flooding , fires, power failures and electrocution, and result in serious damage.

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Find out about weather alerts in effect in your region or the area where you are going. Take those alerts into account when planning your activities and travel.

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To find out the distance separating you from the thunderstorm, count the seconds between the flash of lightning and the thunderclap. One second represents approximately metres. For example, if five seconds elapse between the lightning and the thunder, the thunderstorm is about m 1. You must take shelter if the thunderstorm is less than 10 km away. The greatest severe weather threat in the U.

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But, no place in the United States is completely safe from the threat of severe weather. A watch can cover parts of a state or several states. Warnings mean there is a serious threat to life and property to those in the path of the storm. ACT now to find safe shelter!

Lifecycle of the Thunderstorm - SKYbrary Aviation Safety

A warning can cover parts of counties or several counties in the path of danger. How does a thunderstorm form? As the air rises, it transfers heat from the surface of the earth to the upper levels of the atmosphere the process of convection.

Heavy Thunderstorm Sounds - Relaxing Rain, Thunder & Lightning Ambience for Sleep - HD Nature Video

The water vapor it contains begins to cool, releases the heat, condenses and forms a cloud. The cloud eventually grows upward into areas where the temperature is below freezing. As a storm rises into freezing air, different types of ice particles can be created from freezing liquid drops.

The ice particles can grow by condensing vapor like frost and by collecting smaller liquid drops that haven't frozen yet a state called "supercooled". When two ice particles collide, they usually bounce off each other, but one particle can rip off a little bit of ice from the other one and grab some electric charge.

Lots of these collisions build up big regions of electric charges to cause a bolt of lightning, which creates the sound waves we hear as thunder. The Thunderstorm Life Cycle Thunderstorms have three stages in their life cycle: The developing stage, the mature stage, and the dissipating stage. Upgrade, and get the most out of your new account. Try it free for 30 days. Study This.


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