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By Albert K. Volume 5, Number 3 — downloadable Volume 6, Number 2 — downloadable. Volume 4, Number 4 — downloadable. Volume 5, Number 3 complete issue downloadable pdf file. Related Products. You've just added this product to the cart: Volume 11, Number 6 - downloadable.

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Add to cart Quick View. You've just added this product to the cart: Volume 13, Number 1 - downloadable. You've just added this product to the cart: Volume 12, Number 4 - downloadable. Fort Dalton along the River Lis was long ago destroyed. Are the rumors of elemental cults true or are the rumors a cover for some other sinister plot?

Some monks have fled the monastery to the safety of Mulmaster and beseech you to convince their more obstinate brothers to retreat to the city before the eye of the storm shifts, and the monestary is interrible danger. The fabled sword of Selfaril is told to bestow wisdom and power upon whomever wields it, so naturally its discovery has caused quite a stir in Mulmaster.

All of this is complicated when a masked benefactor claims to not only know the truth about the blade, but also how it can be used to benefit the oppressed people of Mulmaster. Can it truly change Mulmaster for the better? Aleyd Burral, the Risen Hero of Phlan has sounded the call to battle!

Destiny 2 - SECRET NEW AREA! Bad Juju, Nexus, Exotic Quest, MORE!

Intent on retaking her home of Phlan, Aleyd has amassed a surprising amount of support from the citizenry of Phlan, including that of the High Blade himself. But as lofty as her goals might be, the honor-bound warrior seems willing to sacrifice much in her quest—including everything she once stood for.

A dwarven expedition has stopped in Mulmaster for much-needed supplies. Whatever he is trying to protect may not stay hidden for long. Can you keep his secret treasure out of the wrong hands? The Cults of Elemental Evil have been unveiled within the City of Danger and in retaliation, they seek to use the fundamental forces of nature to destroy it from within. Join your factions as well as the Blades, Cloaks, Hawks and Soldiers alike in defending Mulmaster against those that would burn, crush, drown, and buffet it into oblivion. To clear their names, the characters must hunt the real killer through the mean streets of the City of Towers.

This adventure is appropriate for characters level 1 — 4 and optimized for level 1 characters. This 2-tohour adventure takes place in the world of Eberron. At this ball, the wrong dance step means death! This adventure is appropriate for characters level 1 — 4 and optimized for level 2 characters. To crack a secret code, the characters trace the gnome who formulated the cipher.

This adventure is appropriate for characters level 1 — 4 and optimized for level 3 characters. Things get out of control fast — and what could be faster than a high-speed lightning rail? This adventure is appropriate for characters level 1 — 4 and optimized for level 4 characters.

Pressure mounts on Nexus to review Hitachi snub following Spanish contract

But who wants them dead… and why? The pacing is quick, the action mostly light and humorous, and the selfish, self-absorbed ex turns out to want something else entirely than Sebastian. The ending was good and realistic and I liked both Tessa and Sebastian and enjoyed watching them get more comfortable with themselves and each other. A few too many. The it ended with a thud. All the guys but one are hunks, including Tyler Black the detective who apparently falls for her at first sight. Barb gets hired by. Jason swears he was NOT doing the wife yup, sure , but his jacket and money clip were found in the bedroom.

Barb wants to put the agency on the map for things other than cheating spouses, so she reluctantly accepts. The motel receipts lead her to a small town, a lying night clerk, and a house the victim bought which turns out to be a brothel — one full of hunky guys and horny women. On the way back she gets run off the road and is lucky to live.

Newton Aycliffe's Hitachi receives support following Spanish contract decision

OK, just let me say, at this point, the author lost steam and wrapped the book up with a deus ex machina ending that was as improbable as any I ever read. The bad guy was barely a shadow on the wall, much less a character. It means the author could not think of a plausible way to find the killer. Oddly enough, this book — short novel — long novella — gets a really high score from Amazon readers. I am assuming they are not actually mystery fans, just chick lit readers. Kim Salazar is a local taxi driver and something of a love interest for Dubbie. The whole thing looks like they slipped her a roofie.

With the help of the bouncer, Dubbie gets her out and Kim, who was driving that night, helps get her to his place and settled on the sofa. When he sees Harpoon, the bouncer, he learns the 3 men sounded like they were Cuban and from the east end of the island. Then Lauren leaves money and asks him for his professional PI help and Dubbie and Fecko are butt deep in murder, Cuban military criminals, and a lying client. His writing is the classic brisk, PI style of short sentences, quick exchanges, and fast pacing. The story has his trademark twists and turns and keeps readers guessing.

The extra twist at the end is completely unexpected. He is now self-publishing. Get the ebook if you like classic style PI stories, especially Florida-based ones, despite the price. The last review for this installment and another book I enjoyed more than expected. While the local head of the coven tries to be friendly and her one daughter is a close friend to Lex, the other witches are very unwelcoming.

Made worse by the fact that Lex works for Maven, the head vampire in Colorado. Then there are these unexplained attacks on humans, werewolves being driven to attack the borders, and an ancient creature — somewhere between a land Nessie and worm-snake — and only Lex can kill it, but she needs to heal her mind. And, of course, her niece a rare magical null is a piece of the puzzle. All books below were purchased by me from online booksellers. For cozy lovers and those who like the scenic areas of eastern Long Island with its rich, famous, and spoiled only.

With bike cop Ellie Rush squarely in the middle of what may or may not be a tangled web. Far better read than the typical cozy with complex, multi-dimensional characters and good plot. Book 2 of the Ellie Rush series that deserves more attention and wider readership.

Recommended for mystery fans who enjoy some substance to their characters. Like book 2, Werewolf Meets His Mate, this one is a mix of light humor and more straightforward paranormal romance. In the middle of all this Donna Stone and Jack Craig are trying to get married with extreme interference of the First Lady, one of their prime suspects. The ending is another cliffhanger. One of the better light assassin series out there. It gets a B- 3. I have the ebooks, but paperback is available.

While Harry Dresden is easily the most complex, fully realized of the three characters, the other two are no slouches.